Acquire & Plain Lazy – Progress

Hi folks,

I think it’s a safe enough time of the month to start wishing everyone good tidings, so Merry Christmas to all!

During my time at my last company, I was fortunate enough to work across over 500+ retail clients in the affiliate space, which gave me the chance to observe the way many different businesses approached their affiliate marketing, many of which taking very different approaches, each obtaining success just in different ways.

It was from this observation that I was able to really combine these different approaches to nail down Acquire’s strategy to affiliate marketing. Our own Blueprints.

Plain Lazy Logo_June 12I started working on the Plain Lazy account the day we took over control of the affiliate campaign on October 29th, 2014. As our first client, it was my opportunity to put our blueprints of a perfect affiliate program into practice – but with this came a lot of pressure to make sure we not only stayed true to our mission statement, but to also ensure we had the humility to learn and adapt as we progressed on the account.

Since working on the account, I’m very proud to have achieved some great results. From October to November, we’ve increased revenue generated by 202%, although I understand that some of this will be attributable to seasonal uplift.

However, non seasonal statistics such as the number of active publisher on the account have increased by 30%, and we’ve increased clicks generated by 25%.

I believe some of this can be attributed to planning and executing a tight Voucher & Cashback plan, establishing and maintaining regular communication with publishers, planning & booking extra exposure in return for exclusive promotional material, the list goes on.

So far this month, at the time of writing (Sunday 14th December, 15:12pm) we’ve already delivered a month that is 30% up in revenue on last month and we’ve increased active publishers by 30% to boot.

We’re forecast for December to finish 290% up in revenue on November, with a 150% increase in clicks and a 50% increase in active publishers. 

Plain Lazy as a business are an incredibly rewarding company to work with. Their openness to new ideas allow us to be really flexible with our publishers and gives us the scope to plan some pioneering work.

I’m taking a steady and methodical approach to the campaign at the moment, developing an affinity for Plain Lazy’s place in the Affiliate Channel. As this develops and our understanding of the Brand, their audience and reception by customers grows, we will be able to do some really cool things.

Watch this space in 2015

Tom Wright