Acquire & Lulu Guinness!


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We are ecstatic and privileged to announce that as of the 15th March, we will be the new agency managing the Lulu Guinness affiliate program on Linkshare.  This program has matured well over the years by our friends over at Silverbean, but it’s now time that a new set of eyes seek new opportunities to take this brand into the future.

Lulu Guinness now fills our gap in the luxury market, and we’re delighted for the opportunity to show what we can do in this vertical.

We’ll be communicating with all affiliates on the network from the 15th to inform them of the change of agency, and look forward to working with them all.

We have a few pitches at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates like this one!

Happy February everyone – I hope you all survived Dry January better than we did!

Thanks all,


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